The ruin of PDVSA

The ruin and destruction of PDVSA has been one of the greatest crimes of Maduro’s government against the country. The collapse of the company has been followed by the surrender of the “Full Oil Sovereignty Plan” and the subsequent collapse of the national economy, as well as the provision of

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The Patriotic Junta: A necessary discussion

Little by Little, a new space for discussion seems to be opening, but it is still a muted, shy one, surrounded by the insults of intolerance and the eroding impact of powerful factors and interests at stake. The vast majority of the country needs and deserves to see a debate

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Rafael Ramirez - Articulos - Junta Patriótica de Gobierno

Patriotic Government Junta

The country’s situation is totally untenable and morally unacceptable. The collapse of the economy, the destruction of our public companies and our productive and work capacities are clear evidence of an unprecedented and profound crisis. This, in addition to the decline in all social and human indicators, the rise in

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Another adventure

NO SURPRISES, MANY DOUBTS, AND SOME QUESTIONS Maduro’s government has not only plunged the country into the worst crisis in its history, but it has also closed any political gateway to rectify its errors or to allow the people to express themselves through the different avenues provided in our Constitution.

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Inquisition 2.0

The two-time President of Peru, Alan García, committed suicide on 17 April by shooting himself in the head, dramatically bringing to an end the harassment campaign against him led by prosecutors and magistrates. García was an important Peruvian political leader, head of the APRA party and former president, much admired

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Algeria, Sudan and April 13

Undoubtedly, three political events or dramas of different characteristics, different ideological symbols, geographical spaces, history and time, but with one element in common: the Armed Force together with the People. On 2 April, we were surprised by the news of the resignation of the president of the Arab Republic of

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To the Bolivarian National Armed Forces

Heir to the glory of Bolivar, custodian of our Constitution, sovereignty and the integrity of our Homeland. First of all, I want to reiterate what I have always said in public life: I give my absolute respect and recognition to all of our military institutions, its officers, professional staff and

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Restoring some order!

Instead of Twitter-Politics, let’s just do Politics, with a capital “P” The country has gone mad. Chaos and dysfunction have become societal norms. The political establishment, both the government and the opposition, is responsible for this absurd situation, by turning politics into an exercise in irrationality, where fear, hatred and

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