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The death of the captain

While writing my weekly article, I heard the news about the death of the Navy Captain Rafael Acosta Arévalo, an appalling, despicable and very serious event that continues to plunge the Venezuelan families into mourning. I wish to express my deepest condolences to his widow, children, relatives, and friends. Although

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The shipwreck of the poor

The Caribbean Sea has turned into the graveyard of the poorest Venezuelans, those that try to desperately flee the tragedy going on in the Homeland. Gone are the days of the heroic people that crossed the sea, over 200 years ago, between Haiti, the Keys, Cartagena, Jamaica, Chacachacare, and the

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Another adventure

NO SURPRISES, MANY DOUBTS, AND SOME QUESTIONS Maduro’s government has not only plunged the country into the worst crisis in its history, but it has also closed any political gateway to rectify its errors or to allow the people to express themselves through the different avenues provided in our Constitution.

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Restoring some order!

Instead of Twitter-Politics, let’s just do Politics, with a capital “P” The country has gone mad. Chaos and dysfunction have become societal norms. The political establishment, both the government and the opposition, is responsible for this absurd situation, by turning politics into an exercise in irrationality, where fear, hatred and

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The blackout happened, the lies continue, and privatization is coming

The consequences of the blackout were terrible for the country; the affectation of its citizens, the lack of essential public services, the individual tragedies, and the great collective tragedy: a country alone in its circumstances. As we mentioned in my article blackout, the collapse of the electric system is just one

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