The hatred of the elites will not halt Evo

The coup d’état consummated against President Evo Morales marks a tremendous political setback in our region and for the battle to build a fair, democratic and inclusive society. Bolivian elites, the right wing grouped around former candidate Carlos Mesa, and the president of the Santa Cruz Civic Committee, Luis Fernando

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Detrás del circo

Behind the circus

Behind the circus that Maduro and Guaidó have set up, what’s coming is confrontation. The two groups disputing power have resorted to a circus to try to hide  their true intentions.  The negotiations promoted by the Norwegian government are shipwrecked due to  intolerance and lack of political will on the

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Defeating the blackmail

Our country is exhausted from so much chaos and destruction. The economic and social crisis is unsustainable to the point  of despair. A political way out if this crisis seems to be blocked by the interest of the extremists, who place their own interests above those of the country. I

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War with Colombia?

Maduro started his war games with great propaganda display and threatening out of tune statements. SECODENA, the National Security Council, is summoned to practically declare an imminent Colombian military action against the country. The political spokesmen of Madurismo, who are supposed to be authorized to talk about this delicate subject,

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Maduro and Guaidó are irresponsibly after war with Colombia

The economic crisis has ruined the country and brought the people to the point of despair. In tts thunderous mismanagement of the economy, the exchange rate has surpassed the barrier of 20,000 Bs/dollar, the minimum wage is 2.2 dollars/month, i.e. a daily income of 0.07 dollars, well below the 2

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“Amazons the business of this world”

The Amazon, whose 65% of territory is in Brazil, has been consumed in flames for more than 17 continuous days. According to the Brazilian National Space Research Institute (INPE), between January 1 and August 22 there have been 76.700 fires throughout its length, of which 9.500 have been reported since

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CANTV, surrendering the Sovereignty

One of the most dangerous elements of the Maduro administration is the gradual but constant surrendering of our sovereignty, our natural resources, and State companies. The government announces that a Chinese transnational company will take over Cantv and Movilnet, Venezuela’s publicly owned telecommunications operators, and restructure them for their “rescue”.

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The epic of Twitter

This government lacks epic, it does not elicit any kind of emotion, it lacks sacred reasons to fight for; quite the contrary, it has led our country to the worst economic crisis in its history, by imposing a rightist package; it destroyed PDVSA and the entire productive apparatus. Moreover, it

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CITGO: A disaster foretold

The CITGO refining circuit was the jewel of the crown of the anti-national vision of the “oil opening” developed between the mid-eighties and the late nineties, which today, in a sort of paradox of politics and history, returns to the country with the privatization of PDVSA and the surrendering of

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