Should we participate in this election?

In political processes, elections are not an end in themselves, but one of the mechanisms through which citizens express their will. But if this act is exercised within the framework of the participatory and protagonist democracy, i.e., of popular democracy, not one of elites, then elections can be an effective

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What the government fears

The government fears Chavismo, fears the Chavista leadership, fears the possibility that those of us who uphold the principles and essence of the revolutionary thought, of the Bolivarian camp, and of the socialism, will reassemble and be able to articulate a political and social movement that will put things back

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Liberen a los trabajadores, militares y presos políticos

Release the workers, military and political prisoners

This must be a demand from all political and social sectors in the country of Venezuela. Currently, in our country, there are hundreds of workers, military, and politicians imprisoned for political reasons without any trial, procedure or their right to defense. All of them have been denied of their constitutional

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The Darkest Hour

Today, Easter Sunday, the world continues to be affected by the devastating effects of the COVID-19, which is spreading rapidly, as it knows no borders, political or religious beliefs, leaving behind a trail of pain and fear, with 1,777,515 people infected and 108,862 deaths in little more than two months

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The hatred of the elites will not halt Evo

The coup d’état consummated against President Evo Morales marks a tremendous political setback in our region and for the battle to build a fair, democratic and inclusive society. Bolivian elites, the right wing grouped around former candidate Carlos Mesa, and the president of the Santa Cruz Civic Committee, Luis Fernando

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Detrás del circo

Behind the circus

Behind the circus that Maduro and Guaidó have set up, what’s coming is confrontation. The two groups disputing power have resorted to a circus to try to hide  their true intentions.  The negotiations promoted by the Norwegian government are shipwrecked due to  intolerance and lack of political will on the

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Defeating the blackmail

Our country is exhausted from so much chaos and destruction. The economic and social crisis is unsustainable to the point  of despair. A political way out if this crisis seems to be blocked by the interest of the extremists, who place their own interests above those of the country. I

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